Pharmaceutical Engineering

KeyPlants is a well-established and expanding company which provides front-end design, PM and process design consulting, as well as turnkey modular solutions for the Life Sciences and Advanced Technology industries.

KeyPlants offers our clients some of the most experienced professionals in the industry when it comes to GMP-compliant pharmaceutical/biotech process design and off-site construction, i.e. modular solutions.

KeyPlants have a proven track record of delivering projects compliant to FDA, EMA, PIC/S, SFDA and WHO regulations, at the same time, interpreting and fulfilling international construction codes and HSE demands world-wide.

We offer following services.


Conceptual Design
Innovative and compliant front-end design
Modular Solutions
Design, delivery and qualification of modular facilities
Consultant Services
Unique experience at your service
Skid Solutions
Customized Process Skids
Process Simulations
Develop static and dynamic simulation models of batch and continuous processes typical of the process industry